Meet Local Photographer Daria Gladkova


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Daria Gladkova, a Miami-based professional photographer, has been developing an exemplary brand behind her talented photo and editing skills. Mastering her craft has led Daria to capture photos of popular icons and building her extensive portfolio which includes world-renowned celebrities. Working in photography for more than 8 years, her pictures have gained publication in major international fashion and beauty magazines. In 2017, Daria grew in popularity after she established an Instagram trend where models wore red glitter while taking body photos.

This original photo received millions of views, imitators, and re-posts, which strengthened her reputation within the photographic industry. Daria’s work has ventured into the fashion and beauty industries, where she continues to build her reputation within the United States market. She has worked with music directors, clothing brands, models, actresses, and singers. Her dedication, adept knowledge, and keen eye have led to her producing striking photos that have caught national attention.

Daria welcomes clients who require her ability to create expressive and impactful photographic images within the context of their vision. Daria can be reached on Instagram at or on her website at

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