10 Happening Tourist Attractions in Florida

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Florida is popularly known as the Sunshine State. It is home to beautiful flora and fauna. It is famous for its beaches. But other than that one has plenty of things to see and do. Be it your honeymoon, or a holiday with your family this is the place to be. The myriad tourist attractions in Florida are famous hotspots for all vacationers. From beaches to amusement parks one will find everything in here. Sightseeing in Florida is a true visual delight for all the vacationers. 10 Happening Tourist Attractions in Florida are listed below.

Cypress Gardens

It is located in Winter Haven, in Florida which is originally a botanical garden and famous for its water ski shows. It is now a theme park, and is very popular among kids. It is definitely among the top 10 Florida tourist attractions.


Daytona Beach in Florida is famous for its motor sports attractions. It is well known for its Daytona 500 race. There are other motor sports exhibits as well which everyone will enjoy. It is a perfect tourist destination in Florida for all vacationers.


Busch Gardens

Busch Gardens is located in Tampa. It is a 335 acre theme park. The theme is Africa. There are many animals exhibited over there. There are very exciting rides which is a great hit with the kids. It has beautiful fountains and water rides.

Walt Disney

It is located just outside Orlando. It is a runaway hit with the children. There are many exciting rides and the cartoon characters are parading in the park, which is very popular with the kids. It includes the famous Magic Kingdom also. It definitely ranks among the top five in the 10 happening tourist attractions in Florida.

Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens

It is located in Delray Beach. It is a centre for Japanese art and culture. There are two Japanese museums. Many Japanese festivals are held year round. This place also has the Japanese Gardens.


Gatorland is located in Orlando. It is an alligator theme park. It has a wildlife preserve too. The park is 110 acres big. It is a must see for everyone.


The Seaquarium is situated in the middle of the tourist hub. It is between downtown Miami and Miami Beach. It is an outdoor aquarium. One should spend at least one half day to enjoy this place thoroughly.


Among the Florida attractions Everglades National Park is a must see place which is situated on the southern tip of Florida. It has fourteen rare and endangered species. The endangered species include the Florida panther, American Crocodile and the West Indian Manatee. A vast part of the park is only explored only by researchers. Tourists can camp at this place and go for canoeing too.

Monkey Jungle

Monkey Jungle, is a fascinating place as one visits the place one will find that they have to walk through constructed wire pathways. Outside the wires the monkeys would be scampering around. The trip will not be complete if you have not visited one of the favorite tourist attractions in Florida.

Coral Castle

Coral Castle is a unique place in Miami. This place was built by a Latvian born person named Ed Leedskalnin. It’s a long trip from downtown. It is a monument built dedicated to his lover. It is an 1100 ton coral creation.

Enjoy the Florida attractions as you tour the state, and enjoy your holiday to the fullest.

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