Light Painting a Product.

Some cool Avon Products images:

Light Painting a Product.
Avon Products
Image by Јason
Strobist: Light Painting Composite of 3 shots lit with a Maglite Mini.

Was my first go at light painting an object. I really like the way you can control the lighting with this.

Start with base exposure of bottle. Next highlighted the bottle from the rear to illuminate the interesting internals. After that drew a rectangle around the bottle with the bare bulb but only used the reflection in the bottle. Then have the light shining down on the bottle for spot light effect.

All composed in Photoshop with layer type as lighten.

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Avon – Lots of good clean fun
Avon Products
Image by Mid-Century Press
Mr. Robottle, Barney Beaver Scrub Tug, Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Small World doll, Avon Products, New York.

Look, no styling products needed at 40mph!
Avon Products
Image by ianduffy
On the scenic bus tour around Shakespearean Stratford-upon-Avon

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