Biggest Bang for your Buck: Bella Bag’s Cassandra Connors on Four Handbags that Hold their Value

Atlanta, Georgia (PRWEB) June 07, 2012

Looking to streamline your bag stash for summer? reports that women buy three handbags, on average, per year. To prevent bags from collecting dust in the closet, bag authenticity expert Cassandra Connors says a wardrobe of trendy knock-offs can be scaled down to four classic pieces.

Not every woman can afford dozens of bags for every occasion. At Bella Bag, we’ve analyzed the timeless style factors and narrowed it down to four brands and styles that hold their value. Youll be passing these bags down to your granddaughters! says Connors, who is Bella Bags Founder and Director.

Quoted by Reuters and DailyCandy, Connors advice will ensure that whats on your arm will be in style for generations. Her list of investment pieces and why theyre worth the cost:


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