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Teresa Tapp with NFL player Michael Clayton 

How does one go from the fashion industry dealing with models all over the world to being respected by some of the most esteemed and well-versed in the medical realm?  Seems highly unlikely, however, Teresa Tapp, founder of T-Tapp, www.T-Tapp.com, can actually meet this description.

Whether she’s being interviewed by Dr Oz on how T-Tapp workouts work the lymphatic system, being recommended by Nicholas Perricone, MD for having an effective anti-aging workout because it helps the body decrease inflammation or teaching athletes, like NFL player Michael Clayton, how to use T-Tapp Method while training with or without weights to prevent or rehabilitate injury, Teresa’s passion is clear. Full fiber activation of multiple muscles and fascia, with or without movement, is the secret to success.teresa_gooddaytampabay

T-Tapp is a workout based around an acute knowledge for fitness and the inner-workings of the human body. This makes it one of the top fitness ventures of this day and age. Imagine affording the same challenges to a professional football player, a triathlete and an aerobics instructor, but yet also being effective for someone who has had a heart attack or for a grandmother that hasn’t done much physical work for twenty-five years.

With only one set of 8 repetitions or less, T-Tapp exercises progressively improve one’s strength, flexibility and cardio conditioning regardless of age or fitness level. Basically, the stronger one gets the more challenging the workout becomes, as long as one performs it to their best ability.

So how can one such workout challenge all fitness levels?  To find out more details about how it all mends together so well, I was able to borrow some of Teresa Tapp’s time for a phone interview:

DC Life Magazine: Can you share a bit about your background with T-Tapp?

Teresa Tapp: The root of it all is that I started off in pre-med and switched to exercise science while in school. I then moved to Europe for 18 years to be in the fashion industry. Originally, I created my work out for cancer patients as I thought I was going to cure cancer because my mother died from this terrible disease, so it was something very close to me. In switching from science to beauty, people were amazed and stunned to say the least. Although my day job was to get models booked, I was spending my off hours with some of the best exercise scientists in the world. I was able to share my ideas and they shared their ideas.
A major thing that I took from these years is that body alignment along with full fiber activation of multiple muscles with equal tension from origin to insertion totally affects aerobic conditioning. It also balances muscle imbalance and improves fascia fitness.  Doctors believed that I was really onto something with what I was doing as they believed it was certainly a different approach to kinesiology and conditioning, more so than what anyone else was doing or studying. And so I nurtured the concept and fine tuned it over 18 years.

DC: So, is it true that your workout has cancer fighting benefits?

TT: It really does!  Every T-Tapp exercise is designed to maximize lymphatic elimination plus they are done in a specific sequence to maximize circulation of the whole lymphatic system. In other words, you’re helping your body efficiently take the trash out.  That’s why my workout has been called a preventative wellness workout. And for anyone that is going through cancer treatments, you can apply my workout to help optimize your body’s ability to assimilate and eliminate. In fact, Memorial Sloan Kettering selected my workout called “T-Tapp MORE” to be a part of a 5 year clinical study and they still offer T-Tapp classes at their community center in New York City.

DC: Can you explain how to lose 2 sizes in a month as it says on your book cover?

TT: I can honestly say that everyone drops at least one a size in a month unless they are very thin. That’s easy. But two sizes is not that difficult either. It depends on each person’s starting point. Regardless, within the first week of doing T-Tapp, everyone loses at least an inch off the waist or the hip because they are creating full fiber tension of 5-7 muscles, along with stretching the fascia at the same time. This type of activation develops muscles with more density, instead of bulk, with the power to cinch-in, tighten and tone much quicker. So instead of focusing on how much you weigh, you measure your body once a week to track inch loss. What’s amazing is that your muscles not only tighten and tone, but also your skin. Over the years I have witnessed how it IS possible to lose a lot of weight with T-Tapp, even over 100 lbs, and not have saggy skin. In my opinion, size doesn’t really matter, being fit and firm with great posture matters more!  T-Tapp not only reshapes the body, it also improves posture, fitness and function so that you can look and feel better the rest of your life.

DC: What advice would you give someone who is on the fence about starting an active lifestyle and an effective workout routine? 

TT: I would say that fifteen minutes a day is doable. Walking, I still believe is a great exercise. It’s lymphatic and just like T-Tapp workouts, walking involves left-right brain especially when you apply T-Tapp Method while walking. Even if you can only walk for five minutes, turn around and head back home. My most recent walking workout called “Posture Power WALK” provides a great intro to T-Tapp.  It contains an instructional section plus two walking workouts (15 and 27 minutes). In addition to working the muscles in your upper back and burning back fat while walking, your posture will visibly improve within a week as well as your metabolism!


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