South Beach Politics A Different Kind Of Travel Guide

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Fodor’s Travel Intelligence considers Miami,FL to be one of the top travel destinations in the world. While Miami’s warm-weather fun is a big attraction, an even larger draw is the city’s cosmopolitan flavor, coupled with all the great restaurants, sports teams, shopping, art galleries, shows, and upscale nightlife. With something for everyone, it’s no wonder Miami has the reputation as a place where people come alive!


A plethora of conventional travel guides provide tourists with information about the various activities, restaurants, and attractions that Miami has to offer. Some guides are notable for providing helpful tips on the best times to visit these attractions, places to go to avoid large crowds, the best time to make a dinner reservation, and other helpful hints. Information about Miami nightlife in these guides, however, tends to be sparse. If you’re lucky, you’ll get the names and locations of nightclubs, with basic information about the music genre, drink price ranges, and cover charges. While this seem like information that could easily be accessed through 411, there is an important part missing. You know the club name and address, but wait—how do you get in?


Most guides don’t include suggestions on the best time to arrive, what to wear, or other specific instructions. Miami is one of the best cities in the world for nightlife, but gaining entrance to nightclubs can be quite a challenge. Miami nightlife is a jungle with its own set of rules and codes. Without the right guide to help you navigate, it is easy to get lost.


Once a novice to the Miami nightlife scene, I learned the ropes through trial and error. My initial encounter with Miami nightlife was extremely discouraging. I was turned away from clubs and had my fair share of unsuccessful attempts to experience all that Miami nightlife had to offer. That all changed once I finally gained entry. With much observation and some helpful connections, I learned the rules—the way things worked in these clubs. I became a master of South Beach politics.


This book will walk you through a typical night in Miami, from the time you leave the house to last call at the bar. Each chapter is full of helpful tips and advice on everything from appropriate attire to how much to tip the bartender.


South Beach Politics is very different from your typical travel guide. This book is not list of which places to go to; rather, it’s a guide of how to get in. If getting into an ultra-popular club is your goal, follow these tips so you can spend the night partying instead of standing in line.


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