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Dr. Shenita Etwaroo is an author, educator, artist, film producer, activist, and advocate dedicated to human and animal rights. As someone who has herself overcome great adversity, Shenita uses her work to share love, compassion, and mercy. She believes that every individual has a beacon of light inside of them, and she hopes that her writing can help strengthen that light for people who are suffering.

Shenita is motivated to help others by the trauma she has personally overcome. Growing up and as an adult, she endured abuse, trauma, memory loss, and countless other challenges. While it was difficult to rise out of the dark parts of her life, Shenita knows that God’s grace provided her with the strength to endure and fight for righteous causes. Because of her experiences, she empathizes with the vulnerable and the oppressed and is dedicated to lifting up the downtrodden.

A beacon of light came to her in the form of Neon (or Neo), her beloved bunny. In the midst of personal darkness, Neo hopped into Shenita’s life and shared unconditional love with her. The two of them bravely defending each other from suffering, and Shenita’s love for Neo pulled her out of the worst moments of her life. Even though Neo is no longer with us, she continues to have a place in Shenita’s heart and provides a constant stream of inspiration.

With fresh hope, Shenita decided to dedicate her life to helping others and improving the world. She earned a doctorate degree in counseling, and is currently pursuing other avenues in academia. In the past, she taught English and literature and writes in a plethora of genres, including long-form fiction, short stories, poetry, and articles. Among her books, you will find elements of dystopian, fantasy, science fiction, horror, thriller, crime, adventure, action, mystery, suspense, supernatural, romance, historical, drama, young adult, children’s fiction, literary fiction and self-help.

Shenita’s nonfiction writing revolves around two purposes: to share hope and to fight against injustice. From her own experiences, Shenita knows how important it can be to thave someone to relate to, and someone telling you to keep hope for a better life. Through her writing, she shares parts of her own struggles and pain, as well as the strength and determination that enabled her to overcome those struggles. She hopes that her work can serve as a lifeline for those who need it.

She also writes to fight for change against human cruelty against animals and against other people. Shenita is a dedicated vegan and advocate for animal rights. Animals, she knows, are capable of great love, and deserve love and compassion in return. Through her writing, Shenita aims to give a voice to the animals who cannot speak to us. She also works to rescue local animals and advocates for animal rights publicly. Shenita believes in always countering injustice with kindness, and she has seen in her own life how this approach can make a difference.

For every person she can reach through her writing and advocacy, Shenita is blessed to honor her beloved Neo and to use her experiences to help those who need it most.


Dr. Shenita Etwaroo many books are available for sale on Amazon with stories available for readers. She is aiming to enlighten and entertain people with her intriguing works.

Shenita Etwaroo focuses many of her works on her strong beliefs. She is a devout Christian who focuses many of her works on her beliefs. She believes that all creatures in the world are equal and that all beings are truly to be loved. She also focuses extensively on animal welfare in many of her works and general daily values.

It is with these values that Dr. Shenita Etwaroo writes her stories. She focuses on stories of love and compassion while showing mercy to others. This especially includes understanding that there is always some kind of light that will come about at the end of any problem that one holds. There is also the ongoing theme of how good can always triumph over evil. The attitudes that Etwaroo holds are all intriguing points that have helped to inspire her work and influence many of her readers over the years.

The numerous works that Shenita currently has to offer include some appealing publications that focus extensively on hope and working hard to be one’s best. Each story always focuses on how certain virtues are always more powerful than others all around the world.The top stories in her bibliography focuses on hope and giving people the right to be who they are.

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