36 easy steps to cheaper food

One tip you’ll always hear when it comes to food is don’t waste anything. So here are 11 short tips to help you reduce the food waste in your home.

  1. Think about perishables before you buy them – will you use all of it and if not, are you able to freeze it?
  2. Make bubble and squeak from leftover greens and potatoes.
  3. Eat your leftovers for lunch because they often taste even better the next day.
  4. Frozen leftovers usually remain edible in the freezer for around one month.
  5. Stale bread can be warmed in the oven to make it taste fresh again.
  6. Casseroles and stews are simple and cheap to cook.
  7. Learn how to cook the cheapest cuts of meat, like shin of beef or kidneys.
  8. Try the less-well-known types of fish like pollack, which is considered a cheaper alternative to cod.
  9. Instead of throwing away fruit that is too tart, or past its best, make it into jam / juice / fruitcake, or whatever you can.
  10. Barter food you don’t want for food you do want – like you did at school.
  11. Drink tap water. Unless you have a water meter in your home, you’re paying for that water anyway. If you don’t like the taste of chlorine, keeping it in the fridge should help.Cupcakes

Some people say that eating ethically is more expensive, but while some organic foods can work out dearer, there are still ways to eat ethically without damaging your wallet too badly. Here’s 11 easy ways how:

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