Meet Local Photographer Daria Gladkova

Daria Gladkova, a Miami-based professional photographer, has been developing an exemplary brand behind her talented photo and editing skills. Mastering her craft has led Daria to capture photos of popular icons and building her extensive portfolio which includes world-renowned celebrities. Working in photography for more than 8 years, her pictures have gained publication in major … Read more

Miami All Year Round

Miami is the most visited city in Florida. Action-oriented tourists from all ages and skill levels can have the best of the city beaches, hotels, art galleries, museums, and wild parks. There are a lot of things that you can do here in Miami. Ranked as the nation’s healthiest city in 2002 by the Natural … Read more

Online Dating Services Statistics and Marriage Statistic

by Alex Grenon One in five singles in serious relationships have meet online. One in five singles have dated online. 2009 17% married couples meet online. Average courtship for couple meeting offline approximately 42 months. Average courtship for couples meeting online about 18.5 months. Most committed same religion marriages: Catholics (78%), Mormons (83%) and Hindus … Read more

Life At Boca Raton

by vbpass Boca Raton is located in Palm Beach County, Florida. Boca Raton happens to be the largest city between the West Palm Beach and Pompano Beach. It is one of the most scenic places to live in. Boca Raton is blessed with nature’s bounty. What makes this place different from others is the diversity … Read more

Q&A: Does anyone know the process to create the sculpture “The Thinker” by Auguste Rodin?

by extranoise Question by : Does anyone know the process to create the sculpture “The Thinker” by Auguste Rodin? I really need help on knowing the “process” for this sculpture for my art project. I would also like to know the art elements that was used in to make the sculpture as well. Best answer: … Read more

Exploring Awe-Inspiring Gulf Stream, Florida Attractions When Searching for Gulf Stream Homes for Sale

by Anne S. Lucas So, you have decided to search for available Gulf Stream homes for sale because you want to live in this part of Florida? If you are then you would certainly be interested to find out what attractions you can see and enjoy that will serve as reasons for you to finally … Read more

Mutasia Releases ‘Christmas on Mutasia’ Album for the Holidays

Mutasian Entertainment LLC ( has launched the release of its new children’s sing-a-long album, ‘Christmas on Mutasia’, featuring 8 original Christmas songs and 3 Christmas classics to get families into the holiday spirit this season. The songs, sung by the beloved characters of Mutasia, are sweet, funny and unique, just like the Mutasians themselves. Children … Read more