What’s the difference between “dating” and “in a relationship”?

Question by Kai W: What’s the difference between “dating” and “in a relationship”? I don’t do the whole dating thing or whatever too much, but a lot of people agree that there is a big difference between “dating” someone and “being in a relationship” with someone. Could someone tell me that that difference is? Best … Read more

High-End Fashion Designer Kristin Irene Partners with Mrs. DC America Organization

Fashion Designer, Kristin Irene has partnered with Mrs. DC America, a preliminary pageant for Mrs. America and Mrs. World. Kristin Irene, a high-end evening wear and accessories designer, is designing the formal evening gown of Mrs. DC America 2012, who will compete at the national Mrs. America Pageant 2012. Kristin Irene, which recently launched a … Read more

The first Ever Strategic Planning For Love And War

It’s time to get real about relationships. The first ever… Strategic Planning for Love and War is not only a book; it’s an experience that pairs life’s relationships, with a soulful backdrop of the best R&B music from the past 30 years. For every relationship high and low, there is a song that tells the … Read more

5 reasons you should joinThe Monthly Millionaire Mentor program.

Are you ready to become a self-made millionaire? The Monthly Millionaire Mentor program is the only program in the world that guarantees positive financial results. The reason we can do this is that we extremely different from any program you’ve ever seen. Here are the top 5 differences that makes our program the most successful … Read more

Longoria Wows, Music World Listens… And Watches

  Known for his outstanding trumpet playing skills, David Longoria is one of the most popular instrumental artists in the world today. His appeal, sparked by his love of Latin rhythms, has ridden the wave of such popular artists as Shakira, Ricky Martin, and Enrique Iglesias while remaining true to his own roots and interests … Read more