Hotels in Miami!

by Smart Destinations Miami is one of the most enchanting and happening locations in the United States. Thousands of travelers and vacationers from around the world visit this beautiful city every year. Its fabulous beaches, vibrant nightlife, beautiful parks, numerous theaters, museums, art centers and luxurious stay at some of the amazing Miami hotels will … Read more

CarlyleGibbs Wearable Art Jewelry

Kathryn Carlyle of CarlyleGibbs I first met with the intriguing and talented artist Kathryn Carlyle on February 24th, 2011 by virtue of the Delray Art Leagues’ outdoor exhibit, ‘Artists In The Park.’ Sporting a welcoming smile and vibrant energy, Kathryn Carlyle displayed the wearable art jewelry of CarlyleGibbs. The joint venture of CarlyleGibbs wearable art jewelry is between … Read more