Hyphened-Nation – Don’t Check the Box

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White-Americans, Black-Americans, Latino-Americans, and on and on.  Sometimes the list seems almost endless.  And a significant portion of each of these groups identifies with the ethnic or religious portion of their identity, much more so than the “American” part of who they are.  Author and hardcore activist Nicole Draffen is one of many who sees … Read more

Party in Style in Miami

by Smart Destinations The perfect summer getaway is in Miami, Florida! There are lots of cool things to do and see in this place. Enjoy a variety of entertainment in Miami with its numerous entertainment venues, performing arts centers and theaters including the renowned Lincoln Center and the latest addition to the Miami arts scene, … Read more

Visit Miami The Major Florida Holiday Attractions

by ImageMD Miami is the county seat of Miami-Dade County, which is the most populous county in Florida. It is the principal city and the center of the South Florida metropolitan area; it has now become the fourth-largest urbanized area in the United States, behind New York City, Los Angeles, and Chicago. People from inside and out side of … Read more

Christian Author Who Focuses on Good and Evil

Dr. Shenita Etwaroo is an author, educator, artist, film producer, activist, and advocate dedicated to human and animal rights. As someone who has herself overcome great adversity, Shenita uses her work to share love, compassion, and mercy. She believes that every individual has a beacon of light inside of them, and she hopes that her … Read more

Hidden Genius The Black Engineer Behind Howard Hughes

Historian and author H.T.Bryer has penned a fascinating book about Frank Calvin Mann (1908-1992). “Mr. Frank Calvin Mann was the little known but brilliant black aeronautical engineer who worked out the design problems on the The Spruce Goose [Hughes H-4 Hercules] allowing the worlds largest airplane to fly.” Because Howard Hughes’ white engineers wouldn’t work with Frank … Read more

Aerial Cinema Productions Heads South

by Kate Fox Something exciting is hovering over the sunny skies of Southern Florida.  Aerial Cinema Productions, Inc. has relocated to the Miami/Ft. Lauderdale area. One of the premier providers of the helicopter and fixed-wing aviation assets and services to the motion picture and TV industry is Aerial Cinema Productions (ACP).  ACP is committed to … Read more

Mr. Pink – Affluent Attaché ‘Grand Luxury Seduction’ Launch

Actress and Cover Girl, April Scott, along with Mr. Pink Premium Beverages (www.drinkmrpink.com) will be joining Affluent Attaché Club (www.affluentattache.com ),  in hosting this year’s most anticipated gala event, the Grand Luxury Seduction, and launch of the Affluent Attaché’s  new luxury lifestyle management brand, being held on Saturday June 13, 2015 from 7:30pm at a … Read more

Education is MMBF Trust’s Key Work

International charity MMBF Trust’s key work is going to be in education within the arts and aviation sectors; founder Matthew C. Martino expressed the organisations passion to educate young future pioneers as he applauded the organisation’s work and projects thus far. Speaking to us Martino told us ‘MMBF’s key role will be in educating actors, … Read more

Mutasia Releases ‘Christmas on Mutasia’ Album for the Holidays

Mutasian Entertainment LLC (www.mutasia.com) has launched the release of its new children’s sing-a-long album, ‘Christmas on Mutasia’, featuring 8 original Christmas songs and 3 Christmas classics to get families into the holiday spirit this season. The songs, sung by the beloved characters of Mutasia, are sweet, funny and unique, just like the Mutasians themselves. Children … Read more