How to Cook Nigerian Fried Rice

How to Cook Nigerian Fried Rice

More info: Facebook Fan page: Exclusive tips here: Ingredients •Rice – 3 cigar cups | 750g •Vegetable Oil •Chicken (whole chicken or chicken drumsticks) •Cow Liver (100g) •Plain Yellow Curry Powder — no chilli (enough to colour the rice) •Green Beans (a handful) •5 medium sized carrots •Salt (to taste) •Onions – 3 medium sized bulbs •Seasoning — 3 big Maggi/Knorr cubes & Thyme (1 tablespoon) Notes: – Chicken is the best meat for preparing Nigerian Fried Rice. Cut yours into desired pieces. Grilled Chicken video: – If your vegetables are too tough, you may want to boil them for a bit instead of soaking. – After soaking/boiling the vegetables in hot water, pour in a sieve to drain (this step was missed in the video) – The curry powder is merely for coloring so this is not the hot and spicy Indian curry! – Use a generous quantity of water when parboiling the rice. VERY IMPORTANT: Nigerian Fried Rice can go bad very quickly. Eat it once you finish preparing it. Or refrigerate immediately. If you want to serve it at a party, please cook it very close to the serving time, if not, it will go bad! It will be good for up to 48 hours if refrigerated. FAQ 1. Why did you fry the rice separately? Why can’t you just fry it all at once? I fried the rice in small batches because that’s the only way to actually get every single grain of the rice fried for a few minutes. That way the flavour of the ingredients will
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