Cool Miami Fashion images

Some cool Miami Fashion images:

vestido amarillo

Image by chicodoors
esta foto fue tomada en el 2010 miami fashion week. hermoso vestido amarillo que contrasta con la piel de la modelo.

Your 100 Shots of Fashion Eyecandy!

Image by Xynn Tii Imagery
➥ Eyecandy:

I’m a serious fan of how two ginormous Miami fashion venues debut within the same month. Funkshion Fashion Week was a great appetizer for the Fashion industry, but Miami Int’l Fashion Week was definitely the full course meal! 0_0

So much eyecandy flooded this event and I’m not going to take up too more of your time with these unnecessary words; the photos speak in more words and languages than I could ever dream of!

I felt it was my obligation! to dedicate an entire album just for MIFW over at the fansite; I simply couldn’t narrow the images down to just 20 or 30; I wanted to share as much I could based on the experience I had, so why not create the first triple-digit photo album? ^_^

time capsule 1939

Image by tizzie
Things on this list I had to Google:


Favorite item:

A Miami Fashion Show


"6939 AD"

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