What is the importance of the “Utstein-style” in (disaster) medicine?

Question by Tweety: What is the importance of the “Utstein-style” in (disaster) medicine?
All the researches I’m reading about CPR are talking about “Utstein style” (protocol), but I cannot find the definition anywhere. I believe this is some kind of protocol that says how to present statistical facts but I am not absolutely sure. Can someone help me with a definition?

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Answer by R.O.
The Utstein sheet is an international protocol that is an aid in making identical reports of cardiac arrests in all types of ambulance systems.

The protocol is checked out in all cases of prehospital cardiac arrests where resuscitation has been initiated.

When the protocol has been filled out, it is revised at each base like any other medical form.

Some of the points you check off would be:
1. Time of cardiac arrest
2. Time of alarm
3. Time when ambulance stopped outside given address
4. Time of actual arrival
5. Cardiac arrest witnessed by
6. Res. attempted by EMS
7. First rhythm after CPR defined
8. Endotracheal intubation

And it maps out the result – one year after the call.


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