Mycobacterium tuberculosis culture

A few nice culture images I found:

Mycobacterium tuberculosis culture

Image by Microbe World
This is a close-up of a Mycobacterium tuberculosis culture revealing this organism’s colonial morphology.

Note the colorless rough surface, which are typical morphologic characteristics seen in Mycobacterium tuberculosis colonial growth. Macroscopic examination of colonial growth patterns is still one of the ways microorganisms are often identified.

Content & Photo credit: Dr. George Kubica, CDC

Culture en tube

Image by eplea66
Atelier de culture in-vitro de l’EPLEA Perpignan Roussillon, sur le site de Rivesaltes

Titanic_culture_Iceberg Model

Image by Mike “Dakinewavamon” Kline
It was that which lay beneath the surface that sank the Titanic! Deep Dive into Culture.

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