Q&A: How important is it to find your own “style”?

Question by : How important is it to find your own “style”?
I hear other ohotographers talk about finding a “style”. How important do you think it is for a photographer to find their own personal style? Do you think this limits someone to one type of work or post processing method?

Or can a persons style vary on many different levels? Share your thoughts, this has me wondering 🙂

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You don’t really ‘find’ your style as a photographer. It just sort of comes to you. It may be that you look back over a few months worth of work and see a recurring theme or pattern. You can then build on this theme and create something unique out of it.

As for whether it limits you to doing only certain types of photography, it all depends on the type of photography you’re interested. And would it be such a bad thing to specialize in one area of photography? More often than not you’ll find that people with one specialty will excel over someone who claims they can do every type of photography.

Stick to what you’re best at and you and your style will evolve without you even noticing. Good luck!

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