African Water Wells Helped by Shola Designs at Fashion Footwear Expo in New York

Tampa, FL (PRWEB) January 18, 2012

Ms. Shola Yusuf announced today that planning is underway to raise funds for village water well projects in Africa from each sale of her high-end, Italian footwear. Vast areas on the continent are being devastated by continual drought and disease from stagnant surface water. The harmful impact on health and everyday activities by not having clean water is unknown to us in America. We cant even imagine our children walking miles every day to fetch a few gallons so that we can cook, drink and wash. We need to build wells. Its a proven solution for so many problems, said Ms. Yusuf.

There are dozens of NGOs that are invested in clean water projects in African villages in 15 countries. Shola Designs has hired a fundraising consultant to give her a shortlist of three water related NGOs to whom Shola Designs could donate a percentage of sales. One will be selected and announced by May 2012.

Shola Yusuf, born in Lagos, Nigeria, is a registered pharmacist owning 5 retail pharmacies in Florida. She said, Living in America, both in New York City and Florida, has been fabulous to me and now I want to give back.

Operating pharmacies is my business but shoes are my inner passion. When I launch my Fall / Winter 2012 footwear collection in New York the first three days of February, I want to meld my heart with my passion, out of the gate, as they say. My Shola Designs shoes are expensive and will be worn by discerning, more affluent consumers who may care as much as I do in helping the best water projects.

Ms. Yusuf will stretch donations to water projects by reaching out to retail buyers, and the firms they work for, to match her contributions on sales and join this cause at both the February and June Fashion Footwear Expos in New York. M.A.C. cosmetics contribute profits on one of their lines to HIV-related causes. They are just one example of innovative cause marketing and win-win-win scenarios that Ms. Yusuf is tracking. I have more to learn about implementing this plan but my heart and commitment is there. We want to follow best practices. I know the retailers will benefit by joining us. By using point of sales displays, the consumers benefit by knowing they are assisting a great cause and they can donate too, post purchase, at the water projects website. Ill survey the buyers reactions and even offer exclusives to those interested in joining me. I will announce the percentage of sales to be donated by March and I will announce the projects we choose to support in May.

Shola Yusuf and renowned designer and artist Mark Schwartz toured Italy in November 2009 to start the fashion design and manufacturing process to create the Collections. For more information contact Ms. Yusuf at (727) 424-8968 or email to shola(at)sholadesigns(dot).com. Or visit Room 1117 at the New York Fashion Footwear Expo ( Feb 1, 2, and 3 at the New York Hilton.

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