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I know there are a lot of membership sites out there and probably you want to make one. There is a lot of successful site that make recursive income yet more of them fail. Ok, some of fail ones make income in the launch day, and then the member leave the site one by one after few months. The question is: Why is this happen?

This is biggest challenge to membership site owner must deal with. The key of success with membership site isn’t how to attract people to join the site but how to keep people subscribe to your site. Seems like a cake? Well, easy to say. In my experience, some of them works like robot, I guess, robot could be right term. Just provide content all the time without have personal approach to their member. Most of them just give the email to send feedback, and there is no response. There is no real personal approach, just it.


So what must be done?

From my personal opinion, as a member of your site (just pretend it to be), you don’t understand me completely, you just provide me with content then that’s all. It would be pleasant if you contact me personally and respond to my feedback. That will quite personal. A live costumer service would be very personal but you won’t have to do this.

Smart adaption

React to fulfill market demand. Response to any feedback they give to you and you will see steady and probably increasing income every month. Indeed you must really put attention to your costumer if you want to make steady –or better- increasing income through online business. You must learn how to market it as well. Next question, how to automate the process? Can I build this as fast as I can?  Tricky part in membership sites business.

5 Minute Membership Site by Justin Michie will provide you with the software, the content, the sales copy, the graphic, and the training would be added too! What you need to do is set the system in 5 minute or so, then see your membership site running, automatically! I HIGHLY recommend you to check it out!

5 Minute Membership Sites

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