Buyer’s Review of Justin Michie 5 Minute Membership Sites

by Lava

The new internet sensation is known by the name of 5 Minute Membership Sites by Justin Michie. This complete system claims to be a once and for all solution for those struggling to make money online.

But since we’ve heard this before, and there are still millions who aren’t making any money online, how do we know this isn’t all hype again?

At least that was my view. I did some research on Justin to see if he’s been behind anything else and if that was remotely profitable. In fact, I was surprised to learn that he runs his own blog and it’s very active with tons of free tips about promoting your website. He is an author, business coach and an online entrepreneur who has been making his sole income off the internet for the past few years.


This doesn’t alone mean this new program will work, but it was enough to convince me to bite the bullet. I mean, most guys who are trying to sell this stuff have crappy websites and salespages, and surely don’t have the authority to business coach anyone. Plus the price wasn’t nearly as steep as others I’ve tried.

There is a lot of content that comes with this package. I mean he really drives out where to get the traffic you need and make sure it’s the right traffic. I’ve bouncing on computer chair just thinking what it might do for any website.

The types of membership sites are confidential, but they come with 5 star quality pages and are already packed with content, true to the word about set it and go.

I’m still working on getting the rest of my site working and I have heaps of reading left to do, but I have to say that this package looks completely worth it from the get-go.

If I’m lucky and I stick with it, I hope to be writing reviews on a brand new computer by next month. If you are at all interested in this product, I warn that it’s easy to set up but you have to be committed and be ready to read and implement the traffic information you’ll get. Everything included can be found here.



Cassandra Myers works online as an independent researcher at night, sitter of three great kids by day, and a housewife all the time between.



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