How to Make a Miami Vice Cocktail

Things You’ll Need:

Collins glass

1/2oz of Gin

1/2oz of Vodka

1/2oz of Peach Schnapps

1oz of Orange juice



In the earliest degree we are disappearing to accept our Collins beaker and billow it to the top after ice.


The extra article on our bill of belongings to do is course a 1/2oz of Gin in our glass.(we bequeath be by Tanqueray)


After so as to we bequeath bear a 1/2oz course of our Vodka, in which we bequeath be by Absolut.


Following the Absolut bequeath be a 1/2oz course of our Peach Schnapps.


Its age to billow this babe up we any Orange juice, but not to the top, alone concerning a 1oz pour. Then we binding and shake(always mix ago addition any sparkling beverage)


Last article to do is to top this chump off after our lemon-lime beverage, I’m disappearing to use 7-up… Enjoy!!!

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